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One-shoulder chiffon A-line gown with asymmetrical neckline, softly scalloped hand-beaded lace bodice with inverted Basque waistline and zipper back. Available in all chiffon colors with only Black or Ivory lace. Color shown: Ivory/Black

Sizes: 0 – 28

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Ivory/Black, Aubergine/Black, Aubergine/Ivory, Baby Pink/Black, Baby Pink/Ivory, Black, Black/Ivory, Bordeaux/Black, Bordeaux/Ivory, Bronze/Black, Bronze/Ivory, Burgundy/Black, Burgundy/Ivory, Calypso/Black, Calypso/Ivory, Cappuccino/Black, Cappuccino/Ivory, Cerise/Black, Cerise/Ivory, Chocolate/Black, Chocolate/Ivory, Claret/Black, Claret/Ivory, Cornflower/Black, Cornflower/Ivory, Cotton Candy/Black, Cotton Candy/Ivory, Crystal/Black, Crystal/Ivory, Deep Purple/Black, Deep Purple/Ivory, Dusty Rose/Black, Dusty Rose/Ivory, Emerald/Black, Emerald/Ivory, Fern/Black, Fern/Ivory, Fiesta/Black, Fiesta/Ivory, Golden Blonde/Ivory, Grape/Black, Grape/Ivory, Hibiscus/Ivory, Hibiscus/Black, Hunter Green/Black, Hunter Green/Ivory, Ink/Black, Ink/Ivory, Iris/Black, Iris/Ivory, Ivory, Jade/Black, Jade/Ivory, Lavender/Black, Lavender/Ivory, Lemon/Black, Lemon/Ivory, Lilac/Black, Lilac/Ivory, Lipstick/Black, Lipstick/Ivory, Mauve/Black, Mauve/Ivory, Mint/Black, Mint/Ivory, Navy Blue/Black, Navy Blue/Ivory, Orchid/Black, Orchid/Ivory, Pale Blue/Black, Pale Blue/Ivory, Peacock/Black, Peacock/Ivory, Pink/Black, Pink/Ivory, Plum/Black, Plum/Ivory, Primrose/Black, Primrose/Ivory, Red/Black, Red/Ivory, Sage/Black, Sage/Ivory, Salmon/Black, Salmon/Ivory, Silver/Black, Silver/Ivory, Sky Blue/Black, Sky Blue/Ivory, Stone/Black, Stone/Ivory, Teal/Black, Teal/Ivory, Turquoise/Black, Turquoise/Ivory, Watermelon/Black, Watermelon/Ivory, White/Black, White/Ivory
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