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Strapless taffeta slim A-line gown with softly curved neckline, directionally draped bodice with side lace appliqué and asymmetrically dropped waistline, corset back, side draped skirt. Removable straps included. Available in all taffeta colors with only Black or Ivory lace. Color shown: Amethyst/Black

Sizes: 0 – 28

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Amethyst/Black, Amethyst/Ivory, Antique Rose/Black, Antique Rose/Ivory, Aqua/Black, Aqua/Ivory, Azure Blue/Black, Azure Blue/Ivory, Black/Ivory, Cafe/Black, Cafe/Ivory, Cherry Blossom/Black, Cherry Blossom/Ivory, Chocolate/Black, Chocolate/Ivory, Coffee/Black, Coffee/Ivory, Coral/Black, Coral/Ivory, Cornflower/Black, Cornflower/Ivory, Fuchsia/Black, Fuchsia/Ivory, Garnet/Black, Garnet/Ivory, Ginger/Black, Ginger/Ivory, Indigo/Black, Indigo/Ivory, Jade/Black, Jade/Ivory, Lemon/Black, Lemon/Ivory, Mocha/Black, Mocha/Ivory, Olive/Black, Olive/Ivory, Orange Spice/Black, Orange Spice/Ivory, Pale Gold/Black, Pale Gold/Ivory, Petal/Black, Petal/Ivory, Pink/Black, Pink/Ivory, Plum/Black, Plum/Ivory, Purple/Black, Purple/Ivory, Red/Black, Red/Ivory, Sage/Black, Sage/Ivory, Sea Mist/Black, Sea Mist/Ivory, Silver/Black, Silver/Ivory, Slate/Black, Slate/Ivory, Spun Gold/Black, Spun Gold/Ivory, Teal/Black, Teal/Ivory, Violet/Black, Violet/Ivory, White/Black, White/Ivory, Wine/Black, Wine/Ivory
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